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Sage Digital Credentials

Share your successes and achievements

Sharing your success!

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Likewise,
if your earn a credential but can't share it, how will you to stand out?


We’re pleased to announce Sage’s digital credential platform is powered by Accredible; a full service digital credentialling platform.

Our objectives were simple; provide a platform for our partners and customers to share their successes and achievements one that is secure and verifiable, protecting the investment people have made into these valuable accreditations. The move to digital credentials is an exciting time for Sage!

We’re pleased to announce that this is just the first stage in a larger program to introduce digital credentials to our other programs and products over the coming month.

Our Partnership

Accredible delivers credentials for many well known brands, Google and Hootsuite to name a few, and now we’ve added our name to that list
and are in the process of issuing our native cloud certification credentials from the new platform,
starting with Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Sage X3.


Digital credentials provide the following key functions:

Unique digital credential that is 100% secure.

Each credential can be easily shared across multiple business and social networks.

Credentials are easily verified simply by clicking on the logo or link.

Skills and knowledge are tied to each credential, allowing anyone that holds a credential to showcase their skills and expertise.

How-to Guidance

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Frequently Asked Questions


For customer and partner questions contact us, please contact us.

For Sage Colleague questions about internal credentials, please open a Service Now ticket.