A Must for the Nonfinancial Professional

We understand that as a business professional, knowledge and continuous learning is vital to your continued success. As a nonaccounting professional, it is important to understand accounting principles and financial reports in order to make informed decisions. Accounting and finance are the universal languages of business and their functions form the core of most organizations. This library of courses has been organized to provide you the knowledge needed to interpret accounting and financial information and use that knowledge when making strategic decisions for your team, department, or business. The Accounting and Finance Essentials Library is being offered as an annual subscription so you have time to incorporate the training into your busy schedule.

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The Accounting and Finance Essentials Library includes courses addressing Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Finance Reporting Standards (IFRS), financial reports, cash flow management, budgeting and more! Click on a course below for more information.

Course Titles
1. Principles of Accounting and Finance for Nonfinancial Professionals
2. Cash Flow Management Essentials for Nonfinancial Professionals
3. The Time Value of Money and Investment Decisions for Non-Financial Professionals
4. The Essentials of Budgeting for Nonfinancial Professionals
5. Financial Statements for Nonfinancial Professionals
6. Analyzing Financial Statements for Nonfinancial Professionals
7. Basic Accounting Principles and Framework
8. The Accounting Equation and Financial Statements
9. The Accounting Cycle and Accrual Accounting
10. Accounting Transactions and Books of Account
11. Trial Balance & Adjusting Entries
12. The Income Statement
13. The Balance Sheet
14. The Cash Flow Statement
15. Accounting for Companies Stock Transactions and Dividends
16. IFRS: Introduction and Conceptual Framework
17. IFRS: Standards for Financial Statements and their Items
18. IFRS: Key Standards for Financial and Accounting Activities
19. IFRS: Transitioning to IFRS
20. Organizational Budgeting Activities and the Master Budget
21. Planning and Preparing an Operating Budget
22. Preparing Operating Budgets and the Cash Budget
23. Using Budgets for Management and Control
24. Introduction to Auditing
25. Auditing for Internal Control and Risk Assessment
26. Auditing the Revenue Cycle
27. Capital Budgeting: The Capital Budgeting Process
28. Capital Budgeting: Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return
29. Capital Budgeting: Discounted Payback Period and Profitability Index
30. Capital Budgeting: Capital Allocation

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